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A Little About Us

Minima was founded by Jodie Wood & Carly Neave.


The Heart Behind Minima: Jodie and Carly’s Journey


Jodie and Carly crossed paths years earlier, but it was the shared journey of motherhood that truly brought their friendship to life.

Both of us are mothers to two young, vibrant boys who fill our days with boundless energy and our nights with ponderings of the future. Each of us juggled the intricacies of modern parenting, feeling the weight of tradition on one shoulder and the pressure of today's expectations on the other.


Boundless Conversations


Though Jodie and I are separated by borders and time zones, our shared vision for Minima never differed. Our conversations often unfold in those rare quiet moments we manage to snatch from our busy lives as mothers. Whether it's the brief calm during a toddler's nap or a stolen moment amidst the chaos, we have poured our hearts, experiences, and aspirations into Minima. This collaboration has given birth to a brand deeply rooted in our shared passion for being a parent whilst upholding a desire to maintain a degree of sense of self, independence and freedom. 

Minima was born and it’s been a long road of shared struggles, learnings, and excitement to get to this stage.

Every product, every design, every word we share is a reflection of our personal experiences and the shared stories of so many other mothers. 


The New Parenthood


Minima understands that the experience of parenthood is ever-evolving. The modern parent is at a special crossroads of honouring timeless values while adapting to new-age realities. We advocate for a holistic approach, one that connects mothers and fathers to their instincts and also nurtures a sense of shared community and respect. Because, in truth, every parenting story is as distinct as the person living it.


Parenthood today requires resilience, adaptability, and the courage to rewrite the rulebook. It’s about learning from yesterday and shaping tomorrow. 


Amidst the myriad voices and opinions on how to parent, there exists your unique perspective, your inner compass. At Minima, we stand for empowering parents to honour that inner guidance, to trust their journey, and to walk it with both confidence and grace.


Express, Don't Suppress


Being a parent is a collection of moments — laughter, hurdles, tenderness, and self-growth. As we evolve in our roles, Minima invites you to savour each part of this adventure, to express your genuine self, and to find joy in both the challenges and the triumphs.


Our Commitment


Minima is more than a brand; it's a movement. A mission to empower, inspire, and connect parents everywhere. Each product we offer is a reflection of our dedication to quality, sustainability, and style. Inspired by nature, tailored for today, and always made with heartfelt consideration. 


From our families to yours, welcome to Minima.



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