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  • How does Minima's baby carrier compare to a buckled-carrier or a one-piece fabric wrap?

The minima carrier embodies a harmonious blend of the best of both worlds between more structured buckled carriers and soft fabric wraps, but without the hassle of matters of fabrics and hours to tie them! 

Our carrier is expertly designed with two gentle loops that effortlessly drape over your shoulders & body, forming a cozy haven for your child to snuggle into. For days when you're on the move, we've incorporated an additional support wrap that you can add on, ensuring optimal comfort. Picture this: a carrier that allows you the freedom to stroll through the airport hands-free, yet is so comfortable that you can easily relax in it for extended periods or navigate bustling aisles with ease!

  • Can I find Minima products in physical stores?

We are currently exclusively sold at If your country is not yet available for shipping, please send us a message on and we will try and assist. 

  • What materials are used in crafting Minima products?

We take immense pride in our distinctive fabric composition. By harmoniously blending organic cotton with Seacell, a remarkable material sourced from the ocean's seaweed, we've harnessed the natural benefits of our beautiful world. Seacell offers enhanced breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and a smooth texture for unmatched comfort. 

  • Where are Minima products manufactured?

Our baby carriers are meticulously crafted in Portugal at a facility that proudly boasts GOTS certification.





  • From which age can I start using the Minima baby carrier?

All of our baby carriers are recognised as hip-healthy by the The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommended for use for your little one from 4kg – 10kg

  • Until what age can the carrier be used comfortably?

As all babies differ in weights, we suggest using the 4kg-10kg guide. Some babies are happy to stay closer and inward facing for a little longer than others, and some are ready to be up and about, keeping you on your toes whilst crawling around. 

  • How do Minima carriers accommodate premature infants?

We recommend consulting with a paediatrician to explore the best carrying options for premature infants.

  • Can I have my baby face outward in the carrier?

We recommend not using our baby carrier in a forward-facing position as their hips may not be developed enough and it could add stress on the baby's spine and joints. We follow the International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommendations for hip-healthy baby wearing. 

  • Is it feasible to breastfeed while using the carrier?

Absolutely, but there's no one-size-fits-all answer. It's all about discovering what's most comfortable for you.  

  • Is back carrying an option with Minima carriers?

Not for our current design of the Minima carrier. 





  • My partner and I have different builds. Which size should we opt for?

While some parents might find it easy to alternate using the carrier, Minima always prioritizes your baby's comfort and safety. We recommend selecting the size that best fits the primary caregiver, using our sizing chart as a guide. If there's a significant difference in build between caregivers, consider investing in two sizes to ensure optimal comfort and safety for your little one.

  • What should I do if the carrier seems too tight or too loose?

In the Minima carrier, your baby should be positioned such that you can easily kiss their head, without them being so high that they restrict your movement. Our carrier's innovative design offers flexibility in how you wear it. You can spread the loops completely across your shoulders for more space, or overlap them to give your baby a slight lift. For a comprehensive guide on wearing the Minima carrier, please refer to our instructions page here. 




  • What are the recommended care instructions for Minima products?

Kindly wash the wrap separately at 40 degrees.

Tumble drying is not recommended




  • How do I initiate a product return or exchange? 

If you’d like to return or exchange an item, kindly see our returns policy here and we will be happy to assist. 

  • Can I modify or cancel my order after it's been placed?

Please contact us at and we will do our best to facilitate a smooth modification / cancellation. 


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